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Asif has been composing film music for many award-winning productions throughout his career. His natural talent for unifying music and image helped his very first soundtrack win Best Original Score at the Atlantic Film Festival in 2002. He won the same award, again, in 2012.

He is also an experienced orchestral writer who has scored dozens of works for symphonies across the country and has contributed arrangements to world-class productions. As assistant to world-renowned musical director Matthew Dela Pola, Asif assisted with orchestral chart preparation for a David Foster gala concert that included super-star artists like Lionel Ritchie, Natalie Cole and Babyface.
Asif’s compositional style for film scoring is a blend of classical, alternative, world-music and pop-sensibilities with a strong sense of melody and rhythm. Professional film editors have commented on Asif’s ability to create music “that appears in all the right places whilst providing an underscore of emotion necessary for the scene.”

In the pop music world, Asif has also been a recording artist for almost 20 years with multiple awards and nominations for compositions. During his career he has been featured in productions, on stage and recordings, that have included names like Sting, Bryan Adams, Oscar Peterson, Macy Gray and Lenny Kravitz.

Shehab has composed themes and soundtracks for TV, web, video games and promotional videos. With a deep understanding of the dynamics of the entertainment industry, Shehab has made a name for himself that holds a high degree of musicality and originality and the respect of his peers.

Shehab has an intimate knowledge of electronica and progressive-alternative music. His composing style is a blending of influences that range as far “left” as Sigur Ros to as far “right” as Coldplay. His love for artists like Royskopp and Bjork gives his compositions a unique twist. He has a solid foundation in producing and arranging pop/rock music alongside his brother, Asif, in the band, “MIR”. The fusion of these styles with the influences of his career as a pop artist allow him to compose music that is both original and accessible.

As an accomplished cinematographer and running his own business Skylab Productions, Shehab understands the value in having custom music for his film projects. His company uses music as a starting point creatively and works in tandem with visuals from the very inception of the project to create a truly cohesive end product.

Shehab is an experienced professional photographer and a graphic designer for websites, CD’s. All the graphic design and photography for The SHIRE is by Shehab as well.

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